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what is value based contracting

What is value based contracting?

Evaluating a specific value-based contract requires weighing the potential benefits and risks related to the organization’s capabilities and resources, the financial impact, and credit risk. Physician engagement, transparency and accountability, and performance measurement and improvement all must be in place for a value-based contract to be successfully implemented. We provide the expertise and in-depth understanding of contracting dynamics to ensure success. Value-Based Contracting is what we do!

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value of ancillary services

Value of Ancillary Services

I believe that only about one-fifth of doctors have recently started providing ancillary services.
But as the squeeze on physicians’ reimbursements continues, interest in ancillary services has been increasing and interest varies widely by specialty. PCPs, in particular, have a wide range of ancillary services to choose from. Family physicians listed medication dispensing, weight-loss services, in-office diagnostic tests, nutrition counseling, cosmetic services, and alternative treatments such as acupuncture and massage.

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how does managed care work

How does managed care work?

What is managed care contracting?

Managed care contracting are contracts which attempt to restrain healthcare costs by controlling both the quality and the type of services provided. The level of service and cost are both considered with managed care contracting. There are three basic types of managed care health insurance plans: (1) HMOs, (2) POS plans, and (3) PPOs.

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